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Key West Fishing Charters, Guides & Information

Many people believe that the month of April is the best fishing month of the year in Key West. This is because no other month offers as much variety. All the winter species are still biting, while the spring migration is adding to the abundance of Sailfish, Dolphin, Amberjack, Permit and many others. We have been Kite fishing with live bait to produce Sailfish action, anchoring and chumming the reef for Snapper and making forays into the deep water for early season Dolphin. More cold and blustery weather this past week. Patch and Reef fishing remains good. Plenty of King fish scattered around, also beginning to catch a few Blackfin Tuna. The deeper reef edge has yielded Jumbo sized Yellowtail and a good number of King Mackerel including a few over 30 lbs. Sailfish are relatively scarce, but we are getting in front of a few. The last month has seen very good fishing for a whole variety of species, from late season Dolphin to early season Tuna and Wahoo. The patch reefs are also alive with fish. Mid summer in Key West can be a challenging time of year. Offshore the Dolphin fishing is less consistent than in previous months. Dolphin remain but they tend to be on average smaller fish, located further offshore. Fortunately there are other options for shorter trips or for those seeking fish other than Dolphin.

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  • Dropping live baits on deep water wrecks is producing decent Amberjack action. Inshore trolling is producing action from Little Tunny, Cero and a few Wahoo. The last month has featured very steady and on some days excellent Dolphin fishing. While the Dolphin run was late to get started, it remains to be seen how long it will last.

    fishing key west in march

    So far so good. Finding birds, weed and debris have been the key to a successful day. Dolphin season is in full swing with most of the action relatively inshore in water depths of feet to feet. A period of strong and sustained east winds beginning around the 15th seemed to turn the fish on. Reef action for Snapper and Grouper has been good when we have had green water on the reef.

    Finz Fishing in Key West

    Sail fishing has improved dramatically over the course of the last several weeks. A spring migration of Sailfish is typical in April so we are happy to see them here. Most of our Sails are being caught on live bait fished from kites.

    fishing key west in march

    Amberjacks have moved in on the wrecks along with a few Cobia. On the reef, Yellowtail Snapper and Mutton Snapper are biting pretty well although Sharks have been a problem on a lot of spots.

    Key West Charter Boat Association

    We are seeing a lot of tailing Hammerhead Sharks as is also typical this time of year. We have been working hard over the last several weeks to produce decent catches for our clients.

    fishing key west in march

    As is always the case with fishing, some days are better than others. Staying flexable and being willing to employ lots of different tactics, all in the same day has been the key to success. Here are a few photos of quality fish from the last several weeks. Fishing in the Key West area has been improving over the last several weeks. The primary change has been the arrival of greater numbers of King Mackerel. These are crowd pleasing fish for their savage strikes, and hard fighting qualities on the light tackle gear we employ to catch them. In addition to Kings, Blackfin Tuna have been a reliable target particularly early and late in the day.

    fishing key west in march

    Anchored down on reefs and wrecks we are producing good numbers of Yellowtail Snapper along with Mutton Snapper. Grouper are also biting well, particularly Red Grouper although with the season closed until May 1st these fish must be released. Key West Charter Fishing with: Captain Brad Simonds Phone: Jan 14, Comments Off on Jan 14, Jan 2, Comments Off on Jan 2, Dec 10, Comments Off on Dec 10, July 29, Comments Off on July 29, June 19 Comments Off on June 19 May 22, Comments Off on May 22, April 15, Comments Off on April 15, March 17, Comments Off on March 17, Feb 22, Comments Off on Feb 22, Book Your Trip Today!.

    fishing key west in march

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